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On May 23rd, a local station here in Pittsburgh, KDKA featured the shop owners of love, Pittsburgh, Kelly & Monica, on their morning show Pittsburgh Today Live to promote their new store opening at 805 Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. I knew they would be on the show and was looking forward to watching, but I didn’t know they had some of my work included in the products they were showing and least of all that they’d mention me by name or that the host, Heather Abraham would pick up my One PPG Place illustration and show it to the...

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Tomorrow night is the Imani Christian Academy Annual Gala event at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh. I donated a print of my Duquesne Incline illustration for inclusion in an "I Love Pittsburgh" package up for auction. This is a wonderful event and helps to raise funds to provide financial aid to the at-risk, inner-city children of the Pittsburgh area who attend the Imani Christian Academy.

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